Buster Sword

Buster Sword

weapon (melee)

Buster Sword
ATTACK POWER: 3D6+1 without Materia installed
Requirments to weild correctly: Power attack, proficiency-tower shield, Materia expert (x), Exotic Weapon Proficiency, 16 STR
Secondary use: The Buster Sword can be used as a tower shield when the weilder acts in full defence. allowing the benifit of the full defence ac bonus and the ac bonus of the towershield. but only for the wielder. this does not work in a leagion style defence with actual tower shields.
Materia Slot 2
installing or changing materia requires the Materia Expert feat to do. to place the materia into the item it requires the use of a special mallet made from the boiled sap of a rare tree (Rubber Mallet/Body hammer). once the Materia is installed it can not be removed. it then can only be replaced with another Materia in a near same process of using the Mallet (rubber) to push one in while pushing the other out. this process does require one additional item being a bucket of salted water to catch the Materia being removed. this can not be done with a substitute Materia (like a rock or marble), but can be done with a more stronger or weaker Materia.
Price ###; Weight # lbs.
This +1 greatsword
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Materia Expert,
Cost 12380gp
20lb, 80gp, + 500/lb (mithril), +masterwork, +1
10lb 80gp 10000gp (mithril) 300gp 2000gp =12380
Type: Meta Magic
Requirements: 1 Meta Magic Feat
When creating a magic item (or any item that requires XP), you can use the XP on your materia instead of your own. The materia used loses it’s ability to gain levels.

Materia options
Long Range
Effect: With long range equipped the user is able to hit targets +30 feet beyond your reach. Does not stack.

20% 40% 60% 80% 100%/Master
Effect: Percentage to active listed above. Same as “Counter Attack” feat.

HP plus
+1 HP* your level +2 HP* your level +3 HP* your level +4 HP* your level +5 HP* your level
Effect: Gives wearer a hit point boost according to it’s level. Hit point plus does not add to other magic items or abilities. No more than a +10 * hit die bonus can be gained. The character can never heal hit points by equipping a HP plus.

Magic plus
+1 +2 +3
Effect: Depending on it’s level, adds the above number times the spell level to your damage.

Half / Cancel / Absorb / Burst / Element
Effect: When paired with an elemental based Materia; adds an attack or defense mode depending on whether it’s equipped on your weapon or armor. On weapons, this makes all attacks with the weapon elemental based (damage changes to elemental type). On armor it adds protection according to the level listed above.
in some game terms could be seen as: Shocking, Shocking burst, Flaming, Flaming Burst, Holy

Added effect
N/A Master
Effect: Works similar to elemental, but with abnormal status effects. When equipped on a weapon (whenever you threaten), the paired effect will be cast on the victim, DC 1/2 character level. This materia will grant immunity from the paired effect if equipped on armor.
For example this could fall into: Vorpal, Wounding, Keen,

HP absorb
N/A Master
Effect: When you attack with paired Materia, you heal HP equal to your Hitdie total.


Buster Sword

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